My Prayer. 

I prayed for a diamond Was given the stars I wished for a moon Was blessed with the sky I wished for a star Was blessed with the galaxy I prayed for love Got anoited with a goddess  The marrow to my bone My field of evergreen weed With you am forever euphoric Queen of … More My Prayer. 

My Motherland.

Dear motherland I see your melancholy Sensing your pain through this tragedy. licking your wounds From your bleeding flesh glossing your scars From the cuts of humiliation Death of your nation Birth of a lost generation Dear Kenya, I feel you pain Motherland Blue devils scatter your land The aim is to rise above them … More My Motherland.


 Looking for that Blackman Who loves a blackwoman  Looking for that Blackman  Who protects Who respects Who honours Who admires That one blackwoman Who stands by his side No matter what.. Am looking for that Blackman Who loves life And never backs out Of a fight Who knows struggle Who has met trouble  Who works … More Black.

To The Rapist.

Nyokabi was the name of that little  girl You raped and killed I know she begged you not to cause her pain  Am certain she called out her mother’s name Her tears pierced the moons heart Thats why earth is veiled in with a dark cloud  And its silence screams out loud Naledi means star … More To The Rapist.

I’m A Star.

That always falling star Am that always  falling star That wishes to fall in  a heart that is right.. Am that always falling star That hopes to be someone’s  shinning light Am that always  falling star  That catches someone’s woken eye Am that always  falling star  That seems to be falling for a lie Am … More I’m A Star.